Buttero is a brand with a full of history behind. We could recover the etymology of this world from the old Greek language: from "Butoros", the men who pushed the cow with the goad. Till today Buttero is the herd's man on horse of buttalos, bovin or horse, specially in the land of Tuscany.

Buttero is the first original italian cowboy.

The deep essence of the Buttero riding boots collection stay in the strong link between tradition and earth, a collection which show all characters of things with solid boots.

Each style is created with a constructive criterion, materials and shapes following the real necessity of the country life and riding, but they also combine an esthetic evolution in comparison with the contemporary and metropolitan life.

This Buttero's boots have an history to explain, with a fashion personality, they are a real expression of the vintage but at the same time they show an oldest matter and value that stay impressed until now.

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