Italian Boots
Buttero is a name full of history. We could recover the etymology of this world in the old Greek language: butoros were the men who pushed the cow with the goad. Till today Buttero is the herd's man on horse of buttalos, bovin or horse, specially in the tuscany country. He is the original italian cow boy. The deep essence of the new Buttero collection the italian boot, is in the strong link beetwen tration and tuscany earth, a collection who show all character of things with solid boots. Each style is create with constructive criterion, materials and shapes follow the real necessity of the country life and riding, but also with an estetic evolution in comparison with the contemporary and metropolitan life. This is the characteristic of Buttero's articles: style who retain all taste of the beautiful of the year, but they are usually current. This Buttero's boots have an history to explain, with a fashion personality, they are the real expression of the vintage, and show that oldest matter have till today value.
In 1974 Mauro Sani created "Buttero" the classic Tuscan mark of boots. Buttero is the italian version of the American cowboys,he lived in Maremma, an hard land, where bandits sacked poor people. This is the local version of the cowboys boots. During the 1970 boots in all sort are the specialisation of the buttero factory; like techical horse boots,traditional boots in caw leather; which can boast some primacies like a creation of the moods boots without zip, wore by Beatles, or the invention of a small pocket for cigarettes and matchs. Now the legend goes on.Boots and jeans are current fashion. They are a sure value. They are a functional archetype binds to a direct contact with nature.They can symbolise the connection with hones traditions. In this age of virtual time, boots signal the need of having feet fixed on earth. Nowdays boots are trend, they aren't an unrefined accessory but they represent a jewel to wear for women and men. In this country which has the form of a boots, "Buttero" is the real symbol of this footwear.